MBC Group for 2024 

MBC Group's commercial arm, MBC Media Solutions (MMS), unveiled the group's Ramadan line-up and hosted an event in Riyadh

Shahid and the Ramadan line-up on radio were showcased, including comedy, drama, talk shows and entertainment

Artificial Love?

Enables brands to reach millions of people across MENA and Saudi Arabia through MMS solutions

MBC Group TV channels achieved 66 per cent household reach and 77 per cent individual reach in SA during Ramadan

Ramadan 2024 line-up and showcased MMS's solutions across MBC Group's ecosystem

Pan Arab stars such as Ahmed Al Sakka, Taim Hassan, Sulafa Mimar and Nadine Najim will also grace MBC Group screens

MBC Group aims to captivate audiences across the Arab world during the 2024 Ramadan season